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Fraternal twins Justice and Temerity Bauer are not just siblings, but best friends. Temerity was born blind, talented, and wickedly funny. Though she’s fiercely independent and a successful violinist with the city orchestra, she has always had her brother to watch out for her. Justice is both protective and resigned about his exceptional sibling, and they live together with their pets, a not so smart dog named Runt, and a fat cat named Mouse. When Justice asks his girlfriend to marry him, it sends the twins into uncharted emotional territory and they are both uncertain of how the new relationship, and living apart, will affect them. As the story begins and they face the depth of their connection and the impending separation, memories and secrets are dredged up—both joyous and tragic—leaving Justice and Temerity confronted with old wounds that tie them to the past. Temerity has lost faith in her ability to have a romantic relationship, even with the handsome pianist that lives on the second floor. Meanwhile her friend Regan is attacked by an unstable, ex-husband who will stop at nothing, not even murder. Seth, a twelve-year-old boy that the twins found living in the basement of their building leads the siblings to Fay, a one-time teacher with schizophrenia, who protected the twelve-year old when he was homeless. Together the twins and their friends Rupert and Ellen set out to help get Fay the treatment she deserves, and protect Regan from her dangerous ex. In spite of the dangers they confront, the biggest obstacle facing Temerity is learning to trust herself…and risk falling in love with the talented man downstairs who plays the piano so beautifully. Like A Man Called Ove, and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Twins is about exceptional people who have so much to offer but often live invisible lives. Twins is a love story about siblings, lovers, family, laughter, and the redemption of friendship. Twins is a messy, poignant, honest love story, just like life.

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