_MG_6873-8X12RET copyShari is an author, actress, mom and everyday philosopher, (meaning that she says, “Oh well,’ quite a bit.) She lives in a redwood forest on the San Lorenzo river with her husband, director  Joseph P. Stachura. She has two magnificent daughters. She has published eight novels. “Invisible Ellen” and “Becoming Ellen” are her two most recent. She has appeared in over 200 stage, film and TV productions. Her favorite roles include Sally Bowles in ‘Cabaret,’ Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing’ and Lyles in “On Deadly Ground.” You can see photos and even clips from some of her work here!

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The sequel to the much loved "Invisible Ellen"

The sequel to the much loved “Invisible Ellen”

“A novel of grace and tenderness.” Luanne Rice.
InvisibleEllen_Final Jacket

 Invisible Ellen, is out in paperback!  To read Chapter One or order, click here.

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Now on to Shari’s other career!
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The official poster.

The official poster.

Watch the trailer for Scream at the Devil here! 

http://ow.ly/QwU7mShari’s new film“Scream at the Devil” opened at the Laemmle Theatres in North Hollywood


Shari stars as Miriam Jones, a woman with a history of schizophrenia struggling to keep her sanity in the face of terrifying visions of the devil.” More here (off site). More on Shari’s Film page.

gun scene and crew safety

filming a scene for “Scream at the Devil”

Shari’s previous books! 


Callaway Wilde is a poor little rich girl with nothing going for her but looks, her millions, and the fact that someone wants her dead. Enter Los Angeles Detective Evan Paley who will do anything, including resist Callaway, to stop them. Is there a better way to meet the right man than over the chalk outline of a murderer she just killed? “Like firecrackers exploding beneath one’s feet!” Publisher’s Weekly.

LEGACY, the fourth novel in Shari’s Callaway Wilde series, is now available at amazon.com. More here.


A natural but reluctant psychic, Greer Sands cannot always control the visions that come to her, but she must do what she can to stop the danger that threatens her friends. And now her son, Joshua, is having to come to terms with the fact that he too has a strange ability to see more than the physical, though he does not want the gift, he must accept it to rescue a friend from a terrible fate.