“Scream at the Devil” film will be playing at the Laemmle Theatres in North Hollywood from October 24th thru October 31st. Stay tuned for more theaters in more cities! Shari stars as Miriam Jones, a woman with a history of schizophrenia struggling to keep her sanity in the face of terrifying visions of the devil.” More here

there’s something not right in my studio
having a bad day, a very bad day.
Working with Tony Todd, a delight.
One of the many amusing notices on set.
Tony Todd and Kiko Elsworth on the monitor, they were a terrific team of detectives!
on the "video village" monitor on the set of "scream at the devil."
on the “video village” monitor on the set of “scream at the devil.”
The makeup artist’s station.
taking direction
Taking direction from my husband, director Joseph P. Stachura
me on monitor
Me on the monitor.
big crew, tiny monitor
Using a jib, means a tiny monitor, but everyone still wants to see the playback!!
Setting up gun shots with weapons expert, John Doing.
Planning a shot with a gun firing, with John Doing, weapons expert.
gun scene and crew safety
Never take firing a gun on set lightly!! Safety first for the crew.
Joseph and I on set
My husband Joseph and I on set between shots.

Shari in a scene with Michael Caine from “On Deadly Ground.”

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