Cover Contest

Loaded cover

And the winner is…Kellie Denison!!

I loved the action and movement in this entry, and though I had so many fantastic ones to choose from, I kept going back to this one. Great job Kellie Denison, and to all those of you whose work I didn’t pick, you are on my ‘to work with’ list for the future!! Thank you so much. I’m very excited by the level of talent and vision that I saw.

October 2012

There is a contest to design a new cover for Loaded.

  • All entries must be submitted by November  12th.
  • All entries will receive free e-book copies of three Callaway Wilde novels.
  • The entries must be uploaded to a photo site or your own website and the link sent to me through the contact form on this site.
  • A “mock up” is acceptable as an entry.
  • f your design is chosen, the prize money will be considered payment in full for any and all future usage. A design credit will be given.
  • For more questions, contact me.

2 thoughts on “Cover Contest

    • Great idea, but I think I’ll save you for “Invisible Ellen” I need a cover that one, and possibly two others that would suit your fabulous talents!!

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