a.k.a. The Man She Thought She Knew



He’s her hottest accessory…

She may be super-rich and drop-dead gorgeous, but Los Angeles socialite Callaway Wilde can be as insecure as any girl about her man’s love. Saying yes to a marriage proposal from sexy detective Evan Paley was a leap of faith for Cally, who has been pursued by many — and almost killed on occasion — for her money. When her fiancé disappears, Cally fears he’s left her high and dry. Turns out she’s right, but for the wrong reasons: he’s been kidnapped.Buy book at

Is he an accessory to a crime?

It started with a mysterious phone call that pulls Evan away from a little one-on-one time with Cally. Evan refuses to identify the caller — a woman in distress — which brings Cally down to earth fast. What secrets could he be keeping? Big ones, apparently: a dead body soon turns up in Evan’s house, and Evan has vanished. On a heart-pounding race to find him, Cally follows a trail of clues to cold-blooded murder and deadly corruption — and may uncover more than she bargained for about the man she thought she knew.


Shari Shattuck scores a big hit with The Man She Thought She Knew. Smart, fast-paced and sexy, this book kept me riveted to my seat. I can’t wait for the next Callaway Wilde adventure!

Julie Kenner, USA Today bestselling author of The Manolo Matrix

The gorgeous, brainy and filthy rich Cally Wilde has met her match in the handsome, smart and filthy rich detective Evan Paley. So much so, that they are now engaged and living together most of the time. In fact, Cally is making plans for the big event when Evan receives a mysterious phone call that he tries to hide from her. When she grills him about his secretive behavior, he gives her his usual comment, “There are things it’s better you don’t know about.” Leaving it at that, Evan heads downstairs. Then shots ring out below, and Cally creeps down the stairs to encounter a man pointing a gun at her. When he quickly leaves, she discovers the dead body of a stranger in Evan’s office, but Evan is nowhere around. He’s been kidnapped.

Tanzey Cutter, reviewer – Fresh

Immediately calling Evan’s partner, Curtis, for help, Cally is distraught and confused about what’s happening. As cryptic phone calls, e-mails and post cards start arriving giving weird clues to where Evan can be found, Cally finds herself involved in a race against time to locate him before something even more tragic occurs. Soon it’s found that an ex-girlfriend of Evan’s is somehow connected, and Cally doesn’t know what to think about the situation. It will take all of Cally’s smarts and savvy to save the man she loves. Continuing the exploits of Cally Wilde, LA socialite-turned-sleuth, which started with the exciting LOADED (8/03) and LETHAL (6/05), Shattuck provides another suspenseful, complex and totally entertaining story. All the interesting characters from previous books are included and the action is nonstop. Each book is better than the previous one, so I can’t wait for Cally and Evan’s next thrilling adventure.