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Shout, Laugh, Love.

Mein Heir, "Cabaret.
Belting out ‘Mein Heir’,from the hit show “Cabaret.”

My life may not be stress free, but it’s never boring! A couple weeks ago I went to the gynecologist for what I thought was a minor check up, next thing I know I’m being biopsied for uterine cancer. That part wasn’t bad, but between the time the nurse informed me they would do the test and hearing back about two weeks later, (everything is fine) I spent a lot of time thinking about how quickly things can change.

The minute the nurse said, “I need you to sign this release for a cancer screening,” until I got the good news back from the Dr., I could only think of one thing—my girls. What would I do if I were to go through this journey, how will I prepare them for both this stress and the possibility that I wouldn’t be around? I made mental lists, prepared what I would say to encourage them, and how to reassure them that even if I leave them, I’ll be there for them.

Because I believe that. That’s what the novel I’m writing now is about. Of course, these are things we should consider often, it puts a fabulous perspective on those little annoyances in life. People who stalk you on social media, (Hi Rene! Having fun?) too much traffic, money troubles, family squabbles, unstoppable dust, stains in the laundry, the occasional wild fire or mud slide, and my cats yakking up fur balls on the new carpet, none of these seem to bother you as much when you are faced with a potentially life threatening reminder that you are, in fact, mortal.

I like that fact actually, it comforts me often. As it should, because sooner or later, it will be true. On the other hand, as an artist, it puts pressure on. Is what I’m doing worth it? Does it help and change people for the good? Is it…at least entertaining. I consider it a day well spent if I make a lot of people laugh. So, if I can ease a smile out of you, or the waitress, or another patient at the doctor’s office, or even a future reader, I’ve had a good day, as a writer, a mom, and most important, a person.

I was speaking to an author friend who writes wonderful stuff. (Braveheart) He told me that he thought of God watching him over his shoulder as he wrote and it should be worth Him reading. Now, I’m an atheist, but I believe in the creative, collective force of the universe, I believe that death only rejoins us to the whole, but I got what he was saying. I compare it to being able to see your Christmas lights from space or lighting a candle. Sometimes it’s great to create a spectacle for many, and sometimes illuminating a soft smile across the table is enough.

They both count, not one more than the other.

So, laying there on that cozy half table with the stirrups, waiting for the doctor, I had a chance for silliness and took it. When the nurse asked me later if I wanted to take my picture for my electronic files today, I asked, “How about this one? I just took it.” IMG_5113

And she laughed, really hard.

I loved it.

And I live to laugh another day.

Shari, October 20th, 2015

5 thoughts on “Shout, Laugh, Love.”

  1. Oh Shari, make sure you follow up regularly , almost two years for me now and I am still on oral chemo, this need not have happened.
    I actually asked my gyno if we all looked the same whilst in situ, we became really good friends, ….. Wish we were closer, love Joan xxxxx

    1. We are very close in spirit. I’ve been through this journey with so many others that I know what to expect and look for. I have seen much pain, and great joy and acceptance. You are an amazing, strong, vital woman whom I admire greatly. Love you!! Oh, and that’s funny. Shari

  2. Shari you are an inspiration In so many ways and its funny how I have so enjoyed you on facebook and interacting and feel like I have known you for years. It all started with commenting on Ronn and his band coming to Dayton to perform and me watching them, being fans of both him and you on Young and Restless and finding out how life had changed for you and the girls with your wonderful husband you have today..You being an actress and a novelist are inspiring and filled with talent but you as a Mom and a wonderful warm funny compassionate women was just what I have needed to see me through a painful time in my life…Keep setting the bar high and doing what you do with such style and grace, and thank you.

    Sherrie Shutts Fischer

    1. wow I should proofread my material especially to an author…compassionate woman was just what I needed,,,sorry….

    2. You my darling, are on the list of those I must meet. I’m thinking road trip to anchor these connections. Stay tuned. And you are amazing, feel free to contact me if you want to chat! I’d be thrilled!

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