Thank you to all of you who have expressed your support over the recent slander leveled against me. I use the word slander because it indicates that the things being said are both hurtful and false. That word cannot apply to any of my comments as I have said nothing untrue or even secret. Most of you know me and so you know that I will not engage in a tit for tat. I’ve tried to explain to my girls that when a person spends the majority of their time creating and maintaining a public image, and then someone contradicts anything about it, they feel legitimately threatened, and that is the reason for this recent lashing out. But then, they’ve had to live with the delusion much more than I and they are both strong and aware, and, as I’ve said before, just more evolved. So, for those of you who have expressed worry for them, don’t be. They know that nothing I have said is false, and that the accusations leveled against me are ridiculous. This is their life, after all, and I’m so proud that they have had the strength and grace to deal with the embarrassment that’s being heaped on them.They are sadly, as they have said, used to it. But their support of me has been a new level of our relationship. I am beyond fortunate to have these two remarkable girls as my daughters. 

Moving on. It’s the final weekend for the show and we’re sold out! Of course, it’s going to be a scorcher. This has been such an amazing cast, when we see each other on Saturday after being away for the week, the joy and pleasure is truly genuine. It’s wonderful to have an extended family that way, that’s one of the things I like the most about theatre, the sense of community. Everyone pitches in to make something better together than they could do alone, and they do it for the love of theatre, each other, and art. It’s such a beautiful feeling! I’m thankful everyday for the love, creativity and experiences that course through my life. I hope that everyone out there has something in their lives that brings them this kind of happiness. Of course, my husband, Joseph is the catalyst for all of this. For twenty years he has run the Knightsbridge theatre and helped thousands of people realize their dreams and made good money doing it!! That’s extremely rare. It gives me so much pride when I see people grow in their craft and be given opportunities as a result of his hard work. I love him so much. 

Joy and blessings to you all!