Watching my daughters’ faces as they experienced embarrassment and distress at breakfast, caused by someone who is supposed to protect them was a difficult start to an already emotionally charged day, but there is never any  stopping the joy and flow of a grateful life. I had one of the best days ever with both my girls. Of course, they both felt very angry and betrayed at first, but after a swift condemnation, they rallied round with hugs and declaration of love, reminders that I am not the problem, and laughs about particulars They are so brilliantly aware, my darlings, more evolved.  And then, the day just got better and better. To go and join the swarm of college vitality, to help and see all these brilliant young people showing up for the move in day to their dorms, to a totally new and separate life, watching their faces as they met the people who may very well be their friends for life, well, it was awesome. I am truly blessed. The mother of one of my daughter’s new roomies was leaving, tears streaming down her face when I passed her. I stopped and smiled. “Don’t worry,” I told her, “Creason will take care of her.” The mom smiled and nodded, and I could see that after only knowing Creason for half an hour, she believed me. That’s the kind of grace my girls have. As hard as it is to let your baby go, I have this sense in my bones that it is right. It is her time. I am sad, and elated. It is time.  To let you know the resulting effect of the early morning drama, it comes to this. You just have to be very sorry for some people, though you can understand their particular psychological problems, it doesn’t always soften the blow when having to deal with them. I can’t help what other people say or choose to believe, none of us can. I suppose I should be flattered, if my girls weren’t involved, I could certainly ignore it with utter ease. Better yet, I would never have to deal with them, I could just wish them love and money and fame and the envy of all others, and all the other things they think they need to be happy. But you know what? I do anyway. Bless them, and may they find peace. 

Shari, 9-21-2012