They say in acting that you can only have one emotion at a time. Liars!! I’m having three. Number one—elation! My beautiful talented daughter is starting at the college of her choice. Number two—Sadness. My beautiful talented daughter is leaving home. And number three—Anger. Her father is not helping her pay for it, at all, though he could easily do so without giving up a single luxury. Since I can’t afford to foot the whole bill, this means she will start her professional life deep in debt. The worst thing is this. Since Dad is a public figure, (of a sort) he and the spouse are continually tooting their own horn about what fabulous parents they are, and yes, it’s very frustrating to stand by and see and hear it when I know the truth. It’s not the money so much as the total lack of interest on their part. I mean, it’s four years of her life, maybe take some interest. I know I married him and picked him to be the father of my kids, so it’s my fault. I know. That little bedbug aside, I’m going to spend two fabulous days with my girls, get my daughter moved in and comfortable in her new place, and rejoice for her independence, and participate in her fears and hopes, because THAT isImage what a real parent does. It comes down to this, I land with one emotion. Elation. I am the lucky one!!!