Shakespeare, Theatre

Much Ado about Week Three.

Fabulous second weekend, we thought we had almost no reservations, then came out to very respectable houses. Turns out the message machine was not working correctly! whoops. Anywhoo, lots of laughs, it’s always great to have audiences who understand what we’re saying. I got a wonderful compliment when I commented on this to a visiting director, he said, “If they don’t understand the language, all they have to do it look at your face, and they’ll get it!!” So sweet. This weekend we’ll have two understudies in, always a bit of a roll of the dice, who knows what lines they’ll remember, and blocking? Well, we’ll just wander around the stage. Actually, both understudies are seasoned actors and will be great. I think Shakespeare will hold up with a different interpretation. I’m pretty sure it has before. Also, I started ‘tweeting.” Fun, but I think between this, FB, tweety thingy, etc, I’ll never actually write!! Okay, I’m lying, I can’t live without writing. Off to edit!! Image

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