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the cover of my first book

the cover of my first book

legs and gun, so creative. I’ve just finished the fourth in this series, and if I release it as an ebook, I’d love some help with the cover. what about a contest for a design? It would have to be simple, because for ebooks, we’re talking about a thumbnail, no small type. The latest Callaway Wilde is called, “The Venetian Legacy,” and it’s a bit of a departure in the series. The first three books are told first person, this one also cuts away to the past. WWII in fact, were the mystery begins that is so deeply affecting Evan and Cally now. Thoughts? Would two hundred bucks as a prize be enough? I’ll post the first chapter on my website soon. Stay tuned!!

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  1. Hmmm, interesting…Think I have something really ”dark” in mind. Are you asking for someone to actually design the cover or just give you an idea about it?

    1. I’m thinking of a design, I need to see what happens with the publishers, but I’ve been asked so many times to write this book by fans that I’m not waiting forever. You can’t imagine, unless you’re a published author, how long it takes them to get responses to you and then the book out!

  2. I have some writing experience myself, so I can somehow relate to what u are saying.. Ok, here is my idea: You could use a white font…and a woman appearing from a distance, walking slowly, wearing black. You could also have her looking her reflection in a mirror.

    1. I like them both, but this girl has no mirrors. The black and white image is a great idea, like I said, it’s pretty much only a thumbnail for ebooks, so it has to be simple and catchy. Thanks! I’ve got to finish editing the book, but I’m going to keep this in mind, have a wonderful day.

    1. The sequel to the Callaway books, “The Venetian Legacy” is out at publishers now. I think I can safely say it will be out within six months. I will post the first couple of chapters soon on my website, I’ll try to let everyone know. I’m so pleased you have enjoyed them, way to make an author’s day!!

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