Dress rehearsal tonight! Its all going well, though there are still the blips where your cue just won’t stick in your head. The hardest ones are when you have to have the other actor’s line to set yours up, especially Beatrice, who has whole scenes that are nothing but puns on what the other character’s say. For instance, “She is too curst.” To which I reply, “Too curst is more than curst.” Kind of hard to say that line without the cue. this cast is pretty reasonable, we don’t have any divas in the bunch, so the usual tempers flaring, snipes, and emotional breakdowns have been at a minimum. I’m grateful, there’s enough drama on stage! It’s also a big cast, so the dressing room is a bit crowded. It’s always interesting to me how a group of normally ‘randy’ young actors can behave so well while everybody strips to their underthings in change after change. It’s like…Europe. We did have one fun moment last night where an actress missed her cue and the actors on stage stood there ad-libbing things like, “Where be Hero?” “Oh sweet Hero, where art thou?” Pretty funny, actually, to everyone but the director, who was not amused.