2 thoughts on “Beatrice and Benedick”

  1. This process has been one of my favorites so far. You really are a joy to work with Shari. Rehearsals are my favorite part of the day and I look forward to our opening.

    I am dreading the Sunday rehearsal where we work the shame scene for 2 hours before we run through. The line that has cut to the heart of me has been Friar Frances, “Have patience and endure.” How hard it is to do so. What a heartbreakingly beautiful show we are working on. I feel the love and joy and hurt and sorrow of all the characters that grace the stage. Claudio, suffering from love, Don Pedro from loss and Beatrice is my rock. Who I hope to become one day, and who is also harboring some major hurt that I still can’t put my finger on yet. The characters are beautiful and flawed, aren’t we all?

    Looking forward to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow =)

    1. Thank you dear Teena, you are wonderful ‘Hero,’ couldn’t ask for a better. Isn’t it fascinating how we all bring our personal perspective to the stage with us. Your take on the show is one of empathy for the characters’ pain, mine, at this point in my life, is one of nurturing and total joy in the comedy of each wonderful actor up there with us. Every time I cradle you in my arms and comfort you, I feel like you are a daughter or a sister, every time I see Tom or Corby or so many others bringing life and laughs to their characters, I revel in being a part of it. All of it, the community of theatre. What a worthy thing to participate in, a microcosm of life and love and truly felt compassion for each other. I am blessed.

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