Shari is an author, actress, mom and everyday philosopher, (meaning that she says, “Oh well,’ quite a bit.) She lives in the magnificent Pacific Northwest with her husband, director Joseph P. Stachura and they have two magnificent daughters. She has published eight novels. “Invisible Ellen” and “Becoming Ellen” are her two most recent. The sexy, fast paced Callaway Wilde series includes, “Loaded” “Lethal” “Liar” and “Legacy.” When she ran out of “L” words she moved on to the reluctant psychic Greer Sands series, which includes “Eye of the Beholder,” and “Speak of the Devil”. Shari has appeared in over 200 stage, film and TV productions. On this site you can check out reviews, read the first chapter of her books, listen to audio blogs, peruse multiple blog categories, see a variety of photo options, and even watch clips from some of her acting work! Feel free to contact her with comment or questions and enjoy!




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